US Express Accessorial Charges Glossary
AD Attempted Delivery   EX Exhibit Set Up & Inspection   OC Over the Counter
AH After Hours   FS Fuel Surcharge   OD Out of Zone Delivery
AP Attempted Pick-Up   GD Ground Charges    OP Out of Zone Pick-Up
AR All Risk Insurance   GS GST Import Tax   PA Palletizing 
CA COD Charge   HH Hourly Rate for Truck & Men   PI Inventory Pick 
CB Customs Bond   HM Residential Move   PK Packing 
CC Customs Clearance   HN  Special Handling   RC Receiving 
CE Customs Export    HO Holiday Pick Up   RD Residential Delivery
CI Convention Insurance   HP Holiday Delivery   RP Residential Pick-Up
CP Case Picking   HZ Hazerdous Material Handling    SD Special Delivery
CS Carnet Service   ID Inside Delivery   SP Special Pick-Up
CT Consumption Tax   IP  Inside Pick-Up   ST Storage
CY Cash Outlay   IS Inventory Set Up   TT Warehousing & Transportation 
DF Disposal Fee   LA Layover    VT Value Added Tax
DP Document Preparation   LB Labeling   WD Waiting Time at Delivery
DU  Customs Duties   LD Liftgate Delivery   WP Waiting Time at Pick-Up
ED Extra Delivery   LP Liftgate Pick-Up   WW Sunday Delivery
EM Extra Man Pick-Up   LU Lumper Fee   WX Saturday Pick-Up
EN Extra Man Delivery   MB Military Base   WY Sunday Pick-Up
EP Extra Pick-Up   MS Miscellaneous    WZ Saturday Delivery
ES Extra Stop   ND Night Delivery      
ET Excise Tax   NP Night Pick-Up      

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